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FREE Hinge Matching Service

When it comes to cabinetry, no component is more important than your hinge. Choosing the correct replacement hinge for your application is our speciality for both the best function and look of your cabinetry.

We offer a wide variety of European, Traditional & Special Application hinges from all the major manufacturers like Blum, Grass, Mepla, & Salice hinges for our matches. Matching your hinge application is the best way to get your doors back on your cabinets in the correct position. Since manufacturers change their designs from time to time screw hole placement can not be guaranteed.

Let us help you find the perfect replacement cabinet hinge by following the instructions below on the option you prefer. Also, remember to replace all the hinges on a given door at the same time to ensure the best overall function.

Choose from one of the four options below

Option 1: On-Line Hinge Replacement Form

Answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. We will contact you via email with our response.

1.Hinge or Baseplate Manufacturer
Blum Grass Salice Mepla
2. What numbers, if any, are printed on your Hinge?
3. What numbers, if any, are printed on your Baseplate?
4.What types of cabinet do your hinges mount on?
(All cabinets are either wall or base).
Don't Know
5. Approximately how far does your door open?
Don't Know
6. Is your hinge free-swinging or self-closing?
Self-closing-door stays shut without latches or catches
Free-swinging-magnetic catch or latch required to keep door shut
Don't Know
7. Is your cabinet frameless (European) or face frame style?

Face Frame

8.What is your overlay

After submitting your form. Send images to matching@cabinetparts.com. Reference your name, and email so we can match your request up.


Option 2: Send Us Your Old Hinge and Mounting Plate:

Option 2 assures the absolute best chance of a perfect match

The most efficient way to get a replacement for your hinge is to send us a sample of both hinge and mounting plate.

Click Here, Hinge Sample Return Form to download and complete the form. Print it out and cut out the pre-addressed label to send us your samples.
Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view, edit, and print this form.Click Hinge Matching Form

Send the sample hinge and mounting plate to:

European Hinge Replacement Service
1301 W Copans Rd. Suite G-6
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Please include the following information:

E-mail address
Daytime phone #
Qty needed
Sample to be returned (Y/N)
Return address (for shipping your order and/or returning your sample)

Option 3: Call our Replacement Specialists:

Call us at 1-877-445-3583 & (954-861-4949)

Our Replacement Specialists are very good at finding “replacements” for most European hinges. We are usually very busy and wait times can sometimes be long when using this option. Please be patient.

Having all the information we need, will help speed you along.

Helpful Hints before you call

  • Have your old hinge and mounting plate, or another one of the same, in hand.
  • Measure your Overlay.
  • Get your reading glasses if you need them
  • Have pencil and paper ready.

Option 4: Live Chat or Skype Video chat

Have a webcam?
We are also available on Skype.
Check us out @:
CabinetParts-Andrew | CabinetParts-Scott | CabinetParts-Tony

Live Chat Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern Time

Most commonly requested hinges and base plates (Current Configurations)

Click on the image that best match the hinge or baseplate you're looking for.

Item# 30.310
There are 2 different type of this hinge


Item# Various
170 Degree Hinge Full Overlay / Self-Closing

Blum Grass Mepla Salice

Item# Various
120 Degree Full Overlay/Self-Closing

Blum Grass Mepla Salice

Hinge Replacement Kit for Mepla SSP 17...


Item# BH175H7100
Clip 2 Piece
Mounting Plate 0mm


Item# BH175L6600.22
Center Face Frame
Mounting Plate 0mm


Item# BH173L8100
Clip 1 Piece Mounting Plate w/Euro-screw 0mm


Item# Various
Compact Series: Overlays range from ¼" on up

Mepla numbers are production numbers, not item numbers.
We can only match these hinges by picture, Skype, or by having the hinge sent to us.