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We Try Harder
Since 1997, CabinetParts.com has been striving to be the #1 choice for all your cabinet hardware needs. Our mission is to provide high quality service, the best products in both design and value, sound technical assistance, and of course competitive prices. All this combined with the ease of 24-7 Internet access.

We're Cabinet Hardware Specialists
Our entire business is focused on functional and decorative hardware for cabinetry. It's all we do. Our people are trained in the benefits and uses of these products. Some are former cabinetmakers themselves. We evaluate our products to assure we offer you the broadest selection, most reliable performance, best value, and latest innovations available.

Thousands of product reviews from real customers
Over 10 years on the internet we have compiled perhaps the most comprehensive library of customer reviews of cabinet hardware products available. There are literally 1,000's of customer reviews just a click away for you to read as you consider your selections. All categorized by the part of interest.

Need a special Replacement Hinge?
Our unique specialty, CabinetParts.com was originally founded as a source for unusual and hard to find European hinges. Our Hinge Matching Specialists are trained to assist you in finding the perfect replacement match for older European hinges. We do hundreds every week. Hinge Matching Service

Search Tool
We want your shopping experience to easier, faster, and more accurate. Our site designers have developed some great selection tools that allow you to narrow your search in the broad categories such as decorative knobs, laminates, veneers, etc.

Easy to use Project Planner Tool
Members can organize and track their cabinet projects easily using the CabinetParts.com project planner tool.
Cabinetmakers use this tool to update and keep track of all their hardware and accessory material lists by individual project.
You can maintain an endless number of project lists.
Homeowners and designers use the tool to save & record their own hardware selections, updating as they go. When completed, you can simply download the item list to your own purchase cart or just as easily email your item selection list direct to your contractor.

And After You Order

Rapid Delivery - National Distribution Network
Our commitment to quality service also means that we must ship your order fast (most ship in 24-48hrs). Whenever possible we ship orders from the CabinetParts.com distribution location closest to you to assure the fastest possible delivery.
Our international customers benefit from our experience in shipping products to over 28 countries worldwide.

Direct Ship to Job Sites
If you're a cabinetmaker, contractor, or simply ordering items for your own kitchen construction, you have the ability to order products online, schedule your target delivery date, and have them shipped direct to the installation location saving you time and effort. No more lost or forgotten parts at the shop.

Order Tracking
Get up to date order status on line quickly and easily

Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind what we sell and provide trained technical assistance on live e-chat, email or phone to help you select just the right item and if needed, to install it. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience at CabinetParts.com

Membership Benefits
Anyone can become a CabinetParts.com member and immediately have access to our project planner tool, quick reorder system, and will automatically maintain their order history and shipment tracking. Members also receive periodic promotional coupons and are notified of promotions, sales and the latest new products. Member benefits

Our History

Welcome to CabinetParts.com

What started in 1997 by answering the question "Honey when are you going to fix the %&#$% cabinet door hinge?" has evolved into one of the largest on-line cabinet hardware distributors in the world with over 20,000 products and customers in 28 countries.

We owe this growth to a great team that works hard at constantly improving on our original commitment to provide top quality innovative products, sound technical support, and the best possible service to customers.

Even with our great growth CabinetParts.com has maintained its small company atmosphere and sense of fun for all who work here. Now over 12 years and 4 moves later we are just as excited about our future today as we were back in 97.

So thank you for visiting our site.
I invite you to click on the tabs above to learn more about us and what CabinetParts.com is all about.

Especially check out my old pal Charlie who has been with us since day one.

1998 - 2000

Meet the team

Pat: Renaissance Man (or Cave Man) depending on who you talk to, Pat spent most of his life working in the leather and furniture making trades while living in Mystic, CT. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with an engineering degree and put it to good use (oozing sarcasm) when he moved to Florida in the early 80's to be a carpenter (hippie). He established himself as a successful business owner specializing in custom high-end woodworking during the "excessive 80's". While surfing Al Gore's Internet in the early 90's a fluorescent (energy efficient) light bulb lit up and Pat turned his attention to computers and the world-wide-web.

Joe: Joe is the designated driver of CabinetParts.com, he knows the direction, distance and difficulties along the way. Joe's beliefs in Japanese business practices are strong but are sometimes confused with practices popular in Feudal Japan. Several of us were chased by a sword wielding Joe last week when we came back late from lunch.

Kathy: Kathy has taken up the enormous task of Operations Manager which loosely translates to organizer of executions, purveyor of sustenance and mom. Her love of Brown Recluse Spiders is only rivaled by her love for a good Peanut Butter Sandwich and an Al Jarreau LP. Her past experience working for IBM (you know, the computer company?) and dedication to making success fun is a fantastic asset to the CabinetParts.com family.

Polly: Polly joined CabinetParts.com on a deal with the government when they mistakenly thought we were a half-way house. Polly brings with her an extensive knowledge of the cabinet business and the ability to beat up any unruly members of our team. Our growing product line is only one of the many contributions Polly has made to the CabinetParts.com team.

Maria: From Peru , "Charo" as she is known around here is our South American connection. Maria grew up in the cabinet manufacturing business and her knowledge masks her insanity. Her work ethic is driven by devotion or by a massive nervous tick, either way she's a valuable member of our CabinetParts.com team.

Andrew: While Andrew is often mistaken for a Disney Ride with legs he is actually the sultry voice many of you will hear over the phone when placing your orders. Andrew's contributions to the CabinetParts.com team have proved invaluable with his skills with part matching and finding exactly what our customers need.

Richard: Richard is our web guru and has the ability to work magic with scripts, it is almost "Matrix" like. While continuing to monitor, maintain, and expand our web site Richard still finds time to work on his plans of World Domination which we curb with regular feedings of "Starbucks" caffeinated products.

Mat: Mat has the huge task of making all the images on the website shine. We abuse the right that he knows it all, but he calmly answers all questions, and designs all graphics with the highest quality. He also enriches our lives with new music day after day.

Robert: Robert landed at CabinetParts.com when he ran out of money trying snowboard around the world. Now he spends his days assisting our customers while looking over his shoulder to make sure Polly isn't hexing him for taking up space in her cubicle.

Phil: Phil came to Florida from Brooklyn (gee, another New York transplant…what a surprise) and is in charge of our day to day warehouse operations. With his skills in carpentry and electricity, we are aiming to launch our new line-up of electric chairs…Yes, THOSE kinds of electric chairs. We are also convinced that Phil was a Zen Buddhist in another life since his ability to keep calm on crazy days is super human.

Jamie: Jamie-Lynn (we think she may be related to Tony-Lynn) took refuge at CabinetParts.com after working as a dental assistant due to a lack of interest in her proposal that Ranch Dressing could be used as mouth rinse. When Jamie is feeling poorly she will send her twin sister, Julie-Lea (aren't you getting tired of all these hyphenated name's) into work for her. We never know who is really working. Here at CabinetParts.com, Jamie is responsible for keeping our prices super competitive and assisting with product information while robbing her co-workers blind on Texas Hold-em night''.She's really really good!

David : David’s knowledge of furniture construction (nude foot model) is an invaluable asset (nude foot model) to the CabinetParts.com sales team. (nude foot model) His jack-of-all-trades (nude foot model ) skills and inventiveness (nude foot model) have earned him the nickname (nude foot model) “MacGyver”. His hobbies are (nude foot model) working as a party DJ (nude foot model) and art. (Did we mention he used to be a nude foot model?)

Tony: Born "Tony-Lynn" (seriously), is our first pin-up celebrity. Before working at CabinetParts.com, Tony was a famous body builder, check out the 2005 Chippendale calendar. Tony is the closest thing to a hipster we have around here and even wears a different outfit depending on which vehicle he drives to work; Harley, 68 low rider F-100, or his F-150. Tony started in cabinetry with his granddad when he was 12, so he knows his stuff (especially hinge matching) and was taught his Yes ma'am, No sir manners up in the blue grass state in Louisville. Tony says he is a Gemini and looking for love in SoFlo so ask for Tony-Lynn next time.

Katrina: Katrina, our new controller/bookkeeper, is probably our most popular employee not because she writes our paychecks but more so because her husband is a big time fisherman and we get fresh fish weekly. In the Believe it or Not category, Katrina when not lording over us like her namesake hurricane regarding misspent $.05 on coffee products spends her time defending her birthplace, which is the same as her daughters, Boca Raton, Florida. Believing that she was the last native-born resident in Palm Beach County, Katrina was once featured on the cover of the National Enquirer with Prince Charles.

Karen: Karen, our first employee from the islands, proves that "Life is better in the Bahamas." Born and raised in Nassau, Karen honed her interior design skills decorating fancy homes. During her off hours, she had a successful swimsuit career which might explain why she is always dressed so nicely, putting the rest of us to shame. Her sense of style and taste, not to mention quick wit, make her a natural fit at CabinetParts. If you are looking for laminates for your counter tops, give Karen a call as she is our expert. Karen's signature color is pink so if you mention this while talking to her she must just give you a 50% discount on your next order......NOT

Jarred:Geez Louise, can you believe that we now have two employees who were born and raised in So Florida? CabinetParts.com should get an award for finding 2 native Floridians to hire. I hear they are almost as rare as Florida panthers. At least maybe a shot on a TV show "Where were you born?" Jarred is the newest addition to our stable of geeks who doesn't really do much, probably because his first job with his family’s concrete business was watching the cement dry. He is always so quiet in his office that we figure he is getting paid to study (can you believe he's still in college and 57 years old?). Of course, behind the scenes Jarred keeps our staff up-to-date with technology and keeps the office running efficiently. He is our go to man. Surprisingly, he doesn't look like a nerd as he used to play football and drives a truck. Hmmm…cement, football, F150 computer jockey. Go figure…

Charlie: Charlie, our Labrador Retriever, was born about the time CabinetParts.com began. Some of us feel that Charlie was the real driving force behind the company but other's see Charlie's purpose in life was to eat and sleep when he was not sniffing out balls to play fetch with. Unfortunately Charlie passed away in 2010 so he no longer romps the offices and warehouse of CabinetParts.com. See how important he was to us, click on "Charlie the Dog" above.

Lenny: Rescued from the streets when Pat realized that he was a dog and not a large yellow horse, Lenny has take his post as self-appointed "guard dog". Trained to bark and growl at the walk-in customers, his commitment is visible since he has started doing the same to the UPS, FedEx and mailman. He looks up to his adopted older brother "Charlie" and has learned how to sneak food when people aren't looking.

Jay: Jay was frozen in carbonite and shipped to Savannah , Georgia where he spends his days crocheting and baking pecan pies. His heart will always be at CabinetParts.com and has made plans to throw himself off his house everyday to simulate the beatings he took while working here.  I love y'all!

Wayne : While Wayne no longer works for CabinetParts.com, he was here so long his ghost roams our warehouse. Not that he's dead or anything, he was here a really long time'a really really long time'.seriously.


Charlie the Dog
We are saddened to announce the passing on March 1 2010 of CabinetParts.com oldest and most loved employee Charlie, our Yellow Lab, after a long and wonderful life. Charlie who was named for the Charley in John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” has been part of the team since Cabinetparts began in the back room of a warehouse 12 years ago. He even spent one summer on a 5000 mile road trip, but alas with no published book to his credits.

Charlie born on Feb 14 1996 became a daily fixture at Cabinetparts since its beginnings in 1997. In the early days he was the glue that kept us positive and moving forward with his boundless energy, enthusiasm and playfulness. At times when we weren’t even certain of our own survival as a business it would be Charlie who would bring us a stick or ball to remind us what was really important. And after 15 minutes we would get over the hump. Those were special times for all of us.

He has certainly brought joy to each employee that has ever worked here. Fortunately no one has been allergic to dogs. His daily routine for years was to start in the warehouse tearing up boxes and as the day progressed would pay each and every one of us a visit for only reasons he would understand. Maybe a certain back scratch or the possibility of some forbidden food we never were sure but at some point in every day would find him under a desk somewhere. Or at least sitting and staring with the message that he would do this for as long as it would take to get what he wanted. I would not see him for the entire day but by mid afternoon he would always be under my desk taking a nap until an inner alarm would signal it was time for us to go home.

In the early days the UPS, FedEx, and USPS drivers would bring biscuits and it would not be unusual to see him climb up inside the UPS or mail truck trying to commandeer it. Christmas’s brought all sorts of treats and his birthday was celebrated each year with a cake and party (see photos) by us all. Of course his birthday was Valentine’s Day which made it that more special.

The Sun Sentinel in Florida even included Charlie in an article about dogs in the work place.

So thanks everyone for being a good friend and a huge thank you goes out to Dr Lisa Feinstein and her team at the Plantation Animal Hospital for their patience and compassion and understanding during Charlie’s last few days and our craziness.

We will miss you old friend and May you Rest in Peace

Pat and Teeny